Custom Retail Boxes

We provide the best coatings for retail packaging boxes

When designing the exterior of your retail boxes, consider which type of coating will best complement your product. Matte lamination offers a velvety feel to your packaging while gloss is more reflective, giving your packages a shinier look and increasing the vibrant color intensity.

Matte lamination is more expensive, but may be worth the investment if your retail boxes aren't handled as much. Both types of lamination add an extra layer of protection to your packaging, making it easier for shoppers to see your products from a distance.

Matte and gloss coatings are not suitable for all products, but they are ideal for high-class skincare products. Matte packaging is soft to touch, encouraging customers to interact with your product and can add strength to your box. Both matte and gloss finishes can be foil stamped or embossed to give your product a unique touch.

For more sophisticated products, you can opt for gloss ultraviolet coating, a liquid coating that dries through the use of UV radiation. This coating is suitable for products that need protection and are susceptible to scuffs.

Get excellent material options in retail boxes

While it may be tempting to use regular cardboard for packaging purposes, there are a few advantages to using less common and exotic materials for packaging. Kraft paper is notorious for sucking up paint, and you'll want to avoid it at all costs, unless you’re environmentally conscious.

Cardstock, on the other hand, is more expensive and has a more rustic, vintage look. Offset printing is a great option for packaging bulk quantities of Kraft.

When choosing a material for a packaging project, you'll need to consider how sustainable it is. Both recycled paper and cardstock are good choices, as they are both environmentally friendly and recyclable. For example, kraft boxes can be made from recycled wood.

Since they're made from a combination of natural and recycled materials, they're environmentally friendly, while also offering a high level of versatility.

Get amazing printing mechanisms such as offset

Offset printing is one of the oldest methods of printing for packaging. It uses a cylinder, roller, and plate to imprint varied designs and elegant text. It offers the best quality prints and can be used for a variety of packaging projects. This printing process is also great for producing paper-based labels, posters, and letterheads. Offset printing is also called offset lithography. This method is a great choice for large-scale projects that require high-quality results.


Offset printing is the most expensive method, but it outperforms digital printing when it comes to brightness and detail. It can even print white ink on kraft paper while digital printing cannot do this. Offset printing produces clean color output, while digital printing produces great results with simpler designs. The disadvantage of offset printing is that it does not allow you to proof the print before printing, which means larger runs and longer production time.

Avail mesmerizing add-ons for custom cigarette boxes

Embossing, foiling, spot UV, and other mesmerizing add-ons for your retail boxes add a touch of luxury to your packaging. Whether your box contains a gift card or a small black wig, spot UV will ensure the contents remain safe and scratch-resistant. Moreover, spot UV is the most popular add-on for boxes used in retail stores.

Spot UV is a branding technology that encapsulates fluorescent colors on various printed items. This technology works best on thick papers because it gives the images the complete embodiment they require.

You can choose a glossy or matte finish for your spot UV printing, depending on the look and feel of the finished product. The added effect of this process can make your promotional products stand out more from other items on the shelf.

Ben Packaging provides the best options in inserts

With high-quality packaging, you can make an impression on buyers and build a strong brand identity. Your customers are more likely to share your product and your business on social media if it comes in a unique packaging.

Whether you're a bakery or a health care company, custom insert boxes can help you stand out from the competition. Choose Ben Packaging for best inserts for retail boxes and make an impression on your customers.

Cardboard inserts are a popular choice among companies that need retail boxes to carry large, bulky items. They have recycled fibers and are available in a variety of shapes. They're great for shipping electronics and large appliances because they absorb shock. Besides being environmentally friendly, they can also be printed on. You can choose between white or black foam. A custom printed insert is a great way to add a unique touch to your retail boxes.

Why are retail boxes important for businesses?

The use of retail boxes by companies is not only beneficial to their sales and marketing, but it also helps them in ensuring that the products they sell are protected. They can be used by companies to protect their products, store them, and present them on the shelves.

The retail boxes can add value to products and give them a more appealing presentation in the market. So, they are essential for businesses. Read on to learn more about the importance of retail boxes and how they can boost your sales and marketing.

First of all, retail boxes save money. You can get a retail box of any length. You can also save on the packaging costs by buying reusable boxes. You can also get reusable retail boxes for storing items that are not on the sales floor.

These boxes can also be used to transport items from the warehouse to the store. Retail packaging that is organized will help you get better prices from retail stores. Moreover, retailers will also look for suppliers that are organized and run their businesses efficiently.

Get sampling options for FREE from Ben Packaging

Free sampling such as 2D and 3D models help with measurement because they allow you to view elements from different angles. This makes it easier to determine how much something is and to take precise measurements.

Unlike 2D measurements, which are harder to interpret and use, 3D measurements are much easier to read and interpret.

Why choose Ben Packaging for retail boxes

If you want to enhance the look of your product, you should opt for a customized retail box. You can use various materials to enclose your items. You can also order retail boxes online. This business model has attracted numerous customers because it allows clients to order boxes from across the oceans without leaving their homes.

Moreover, retail box packaging is a convenient way to envelop things as per their demands. If you are looking for a custom retail box, call us at 855 551 1592 or email us at