Custom Display boxes

Choose from a plethora of materials for custom display boxes

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used to create custom display boxes.

  • Cardstock is a popular choice for its durability and flexibility.
  • Kraft paper is another popular option for its eco-friendly credentials and rustic look.
  • Cardboard is also widely used due to its low cost and easy availability.

However, there are many other options to choose from, including acrylic, fabric, metal, and even glass.

The right material for your custom display box will depend on a variety of factors, including the intended use, the desired appearance, and the budget. Ultimately, the best way to choose the right material is to experiment with different options until you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Get fulfilling add-ons for custom printed display boxes

If you want to increase the visual appeal of your display boxes, amazing add-ons like foiling and spot UV printing can help you achieve your goal. Foiling adds a raised effect to your custom area on a box, making it easier for your customers to see your logo or message.

You can also get embossing, which raises the custom area above the box surface. These add-ons are particularly useful for brand slogans and logos.

Spot UV coating highlights various features of paper, including logos, text, and images. The glossy surface also creates a sharper contrast, making your print more noticeable.

You can even use spot UV on dark colored surfaces, such as black. Spot UV on dark colors like black helps your logo or website stand out more, and is perfect for adding a personal touch.

Coatings that add flare to your display packaging boxes

When it comes to the quality of a retail display box, you can choose to use matte or glossy finishes. Matte boxes are often used for luxury products because of their matte finish, while glossy boxes have a more polished look.

You can also add spot UV coating to add sparkle and shine to your packaging. In addition to the finish, you can imprint vibrant colours and images onto the retail display box.

When choosing a cover finish, consider whether the item will be viewed under bright lights or under glass. Matte finishes will reflect less light and will not challenge the eye as much as glossy boxes. 

Matte finishes are better for writing on, because ink smudges more easily on a glossy finish. Generally, matte finishes are cheaper than glossy, but they may be best for certain products.

When choosing a display box, consider the appearance of the box's surface. Matte surfaces will not be handled as much as glossy ones, but they'll still need a protective barrier to resist fingerprints. 

Glossy materials are more likely to repel moisture, which means they'll remain looking new for a long time. Glossy surfaces can also be easily cleaned.

Which box style should be the best for custom display packaging boxes?

There are several advantages to using different types of packaging for your products. Some of the most common styles include the tuck end box and reverse tuck-end boxes. Here are the differences between the two styles:

  • Tuck-end Boxes

Tuck end boxes have multiple flaps on opposite sides of the box that allow the contents to be easily removed or added to the box. Because of their lower locking feature, they are easy to open and close. They are durable and stack well on flat surfaces.

They are great for displaying lightweight products and can be printed with a company's logo or design. Tuck-end boxes are often able to hold heavier items because of their unique construction.

  • Reverse tuck-end boxes

Reverse tuck-end boxes can be used in different industries. These boxes can be customized with a hanging tab, dispenser, window, or other custom features. Reverse tuck-end boxes require more material when printed on sheets.

They are created the same way as straight tuck-end boxes, but they open in opposite directions. This is a popular style for point-of-purchase display and for promotional products.

Does offset printing make a difference to display boxes?

Offset printing, or lithography, is a common form of commercial printing. This process utilizes metal plates to transfer an image from the plate to a rubber blanket, which is then rolled up and transferred to a sheet of paper. Offset printing allows for customized ink colors.

Once the printing press is set up, it can produce crisp, professional-looking printing with accurate color reproduction.

Offset printing is ideal for high-quality, high-volume printing. The process involves a patented hybrid dot pattern, which eliminates the moire patterns and banding associated with delicate screens. Digital prints are more likely to crack when folded, though modern creasing equipment minimizes this risk. However, some people prefer the vibrancy of digital colors. Whatever printing mechanism you choose, make sure it's right for your business.

Among the many printing processes available today, offset is best suited for jobs that require high-volume production and are not too complex. Offset printing processes require a lot of ink, and they cannot be done last-minute.

Furthermore, offset printing has the advantage of being more flexible, but it's not suitable for printing on unconventional materials like cardboard. A multitude of printing mechanisms such as offset printing in display boxes can make your life easier.

You can choose from tons of inserts for display boxes

Fence inserts are excellent packaging options that provide additional support and protection for fragile items. They separate products and prevent them from tumbling and mixing. The materials used to create fence partitions provide support for products within them.

Fence partitions are ideal for packing many items together in a single box. Here are some benefits of fence partition inserts:

Cupcakes, for example, need extra protection and care while transporting. If you're delivering cupcakes in bulk, fence inserts can help prevent breakage. They also add a beautiful look to boxes. You can choose from different-colored fence inserts or colorless ones to match your brand's identity. 

No matter which type of boxes you use, a fence insert will make your products stand out and be more appealing.

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