Custom Cigarette Boxes

Exuberant coating options in cigarette packaging boxes

Considering glossy and matte materials for the finish of cigarette boxes? Matte lamination is the way to go if you want to add class and style to your packaging. You can also choose to combine different processes for unique effects such as spot UV and foil imprinting.

Matte coatings are generally recommended for high-end products, such as premium cologne. These products need to look their best, and a gloss finish will add a classy touch.

When choosing between glossy and matte finishes, make sure to look for the quality of the finish that suits your needs. Gloss laminate is a smooth film that makes colors pop, and it adds strength to the box. Matte and glossy surfaces are also great for packaging.

These coating options will also help protect your product against moisture and abrasion. Matte and gloss laminate are both suitable for cigarette boxes that are exposed to humidity.

Exotic material selection in cigarette boxes

Cardstock is a type of paper that is thicker than normal paper. It is also often made from pure hemp or other renewable sources. Its origins are in normal writing paper, but cardstock has a much higher weight and can be used for packaging a variety of products. The paper can be decorated using foiling or embossing, which adds a touch of class to the packaging.

If your cigarettes are made from traditional packaging methods, you may want to consider using more colorful materials. Cardstock and Kraft are both durable, and are often used for packaging. While most paper bags are flimsy and do not have a high degree of durability, they can be made of different materials.

Kraft paper has long virgin fibers, which increase mechanical strength. Paper bags can also be designed to look good, but this type of packaging is more suited for high-volume production.

Some boxes made of these materials are shaped like a tray. Typically, kraft boxes are lightweight, and are a good choice for packaging. The paper is very sturdy and easy to print on, and some boxes are embossed.

The surface is also easy to sand, which is an eco-friendly option. While embossing is a traditional process, debossing is more modern and involves pressing the box from the front and inside to create a raised impression.

Get amazing printing mechanisms for custom cigarette boxes

Offset printing is the most commonly used technique today. It delivers high-quality results that add value to your products or publications. Offset printing transfers ink from an aluminum plate to a rubber blanket, then rolls it onto a sheet of paper. Once the offset press is set up, it works very efficiently, resulting in crisp, clean, professional-looking printing. Offset presses are highly reliable once they're set up.

Offset printing requires a large investment in time and materials. This process cannot be done in a hurry, which is why many people avoid it for small printing projects. But, if you're looking to print a lot of products in bulk, offset is the way to go.

Furthermore, offset printing is much cheaper than digital printing, and it can scale to meet your quantity needs. This method is highly recommended for high-volume printing projects and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Avail mesmerizing add-ons for cigarette packaging

Avail mesmerizing add-ins such as spot UV for your business. Spot UV is a printing technique that adds fluorescent colors to printed items. It is a popular marketing tool that draws attention to promotional products.

The bright, fluorescent colors help make promotional products more eye-catching and appealing. Spot UV is a fantastic way to enhance the look of your promotional products.

Embossed spot UV designs add visual and tactile impact to your products. This technique is popular in packaging materials as it provides a smooth feel and excellent clarity. Intricate designs on the background make the product irresistible to touch. You can use embossed spot UV designs to create unique product catalogues. The glossy finish makes it easy to view and feel.

Choose us for best inserts for cigarette boxes

When choosing your cigarette box inserts, consider the audience and the purpose of your packaging. For example, if your box is for a brand of cigarettes, you would likely want to attract an adult audience, not a child audience. While vibrant colors can attract young children, you can achieve a more minimal look by using one or two colors eccentrically.

There are two main color models for cigarette boxes

  • CMYK (Composite Method of Cyan, Yellow, and Black)
  • RGB (Red, Green, Blue)

Each has its pros and cons. Choose us for the best quality inserts for cigarette boxes and you will have a winning combination of security and cost savings.

The printed information on cigarette boxes is extremely important. Whether it's a slogan or two-to-three qualities of the product, these details can influence a customer's decision to buy. As long as the information is attractive and compelling, customers are more likely to pick up the box and purchase the product.

If your box contains a logo or brand name, make it prominently displayed. We can also customize your cigarette box inserts to match your brand's identity.

Why are cigarette boxes important for businesses?

The importance of cigarette boxes for businesses is evident from their functionality. The boxes contain the product, imparting important information and maintaining an attractive appearance. Cigarette packaging boxes have an impact on customers, persuading them to purchase in large numbers. Packaging can help a business gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Moreover, it demonstrates a brand's commitment to its customers. By using attractive and innovative design concepts, cigarette packaging boxes can encourage buyers to purchase in large numbers.

To improve the customer experience, businesses must focus on the durability of their cigarette boxes. If the box breaks or gets damaged, a customer will be disappointed. To prevent this, businesses can choose biodegradable cigarette packing boxes.

Moreover, by using environmentally friendly packing materials, cigarette packaging companies can improve the quality of their brand and instill a sense of responsibility among their customers. A strong cigarette packaging box helps smokers to get some relief from the tension and stress.

We provide free sampling such as 2D and 3D modelling

The advantages of 3D models outweigh the disadvantages of free sampling, however. While 2D models only capture two dimensions, 3D models can account for depth and other data. This can help in advanced uses of data, such as the production of 3D models.

Why choose Ben Packaging for cigarette boxes

You might wonder why you should choose us for your cigarette boxes needs. Well, we offer all kinds of customized packaging solutions. We pride ourselves in our decade of experience, the friendly staff and the latest technology in packaging and delivery. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your packaging needs. High-quality cardboard cigarette boxes ensure maximum protection and durability. They are available at affordable rates and have a wide range of features to meet your unique needs.

Color printing is crucial when it comes to cigarette boxes. It grabs the attention of consumers and gives the product a distinct appeal. Depending on the product, various coatings like spot UV, gold/silver foiling, and gloss are available for cigarette boxes. You can also opt for a combination of all these options. We offer different types of colors for your cigarette boxes, so that your brand identity is visible from any angle.

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