Custom Candle Boxes

Quality material selection for candle boxes wholesale

For custom candle packaging boxes, choosing the right material is very important. Generally, cardboard boxes are the most suitable option. Not only can they be moulded to any shape and size, but they are also recyclable.

Aside from that, custom printed candle boxes can also be customized by selection of cardstock, cardboard, or Kraft. These are the most popular materials used in packaging candle products. However, there are some other materials you should consider, as well.

As the most common material for packaging candles, cardboard is a good choice. Cardboard is a sturdy material that prevents external damages to the wax of a candle. It also works well with custom printing.

Because it is so durable and rigid, you can design it however you like. And since cardboard is reusable, it is the best choice for shipping delicate products. You can customize the shape, color, and texture of the candle box to match your brand's style and design.

The best coating options for candle boxes

If you're thinking about purchasing custom printed candle boxes for your next retail outlet, you need to consider the type of coating that will best match your brand. Custom candle boxes wholesale can benefit from gloss, matte, or spot UV coatings, which all help to increase the appearance of the product.

A gloss coating gives the inside of the box a shiny finish that reflects light efficiently. This coating will be particularly useful for packaging candles in bright colors.

Similarly, spot UV is the standard coating process for candle boxes. This process creates an intense contrast on the candle boxes, giving them a luxe look. UV light is used to create a shine and a vibrant aesthetic that makes your printed logo and design pop.

A spot UV coating can also improve the clarity of your brand logo, making it easier for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Elite printing mechanisms for candle boxes

If you want to make your candles stand out, you can use custom candle boxes. These are a good way to increase your product sales quickly. You may sell your candles at craft shows or online, but you must choose the right packaging to protect your candles.

The wrong packaging will reflect badly on your company and your products, so make sure your box looks good and is of good quality. If your boxes are too ugly, customers will think they are cheap and that could negatively impact your sales.

Custom printed candle boxes help to increase sales by highlighting the product's characteristics. They allow an organization to operate and empowers customers. The boxes help to transmit a brand's message and educate customers.

Candle packaging has a wide range of benefits. Choose a design that's unique, eye-catching and highly visible, and you'll have the perfect package for your products. When you're looking for custom printed candle boxes, try Ben Packaging. We’re America’s leading candle packaging manufacturer.

Choose from a range of add-ons for candle boxes

To make your custom candle packaging boxes more special, you can select from an extensive array of add-ons. These options include printing techniques, textured surfaces, and color models. They can even be used in combination, to provide a truly unique touch to your packaging.

Read on to learn about these options and how you can choose them to enhance your custom candle packaging.

Custom candle boxes can be coated with a satin finish, which adds a glossy appearance. Not only does the satin coating protect your custom candle packaging boxes, but it also makes them look even more expensive. Personalized candle boxes can be foil-stamped, spot-UV printed, or embossed. All of these options will add an additional dimension to your candles. They are the perfect way to promote your business.

Why choose Ben Packaging for candle boxes

If you're planning to run your candle business, the first thing you should know is that there are several different types of candle boxes. You can choose from various styles and designs, and they should be durable enough to protect your candle while in transit.

Aside from that, they should also be appealing to the customer. The right packaging can make all the difference in your product's appearance and overall success. Let's look at the different kinds of candle boxes and their advantages.

First of all, candles need the perfect shield when packaged. This means that your packaging needs to be unique. Ben Packaging is experienced in creating custom candle boxes and can help you choose the right design for your candles.

We can even recommend you the best designs based on the type of candles you sell. Lastly, the right candle box will be a great way to promote your brand and boost your sales. This will help you stand out from the competition.

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