Ben Packaging: Sound Quality Custom Soap Boxes!

The Ben Packaging will help you to get the best fit for your soapbox with stylish artwork and the perfect layout to suit your design needs. Refresh and revamp your brand’s packaging with our custom soap boxes that are designed with passion, creativity, and energy.

We are here to lend a hand when it comes to coming up with new designs, concepting ideas, or picking out the perfect artwork for your box. Take advantage of our extensive range and let us know what you want for your soap box.

Our Motto:

We step into designing the custom soap boxes to give the businesses the novice idea of presenting their products decently. This is why we come with the motto, “lets become prominent with beautiful boxes“. Here we craft the beautiful art on the boxes and make them appealing or eye-catching so your customer can pick them up at first glance without thinking for the second time. 

So if you want to become a part of our community, make your boxes attractive and good-looking with our help and see how your business maps up in the profit market.

Why Prefer Custom Soap Boxes?

The custom boxes have the ability to be customized with your company logo and prominent your product. This is why, Ben is always on the hunt for unique packaging options to help you create a standout product. Our art is widely appreciated by our customers, as it is simple, cute, and, most importantly, impactful!

Here at Ben Packaging, we have custom soap boxes of sturdy material that are designed to last for a long time. We have different sizes, PMS colors, and printing options of boxes to fit your need.

If you are interested in designing your own packaging design with us or want the box of your choice, then send us your details.

Wide Options Of Boxes

If you are a soapmaker, then you might be wondering what type of soapbox to buy. We have types of shapes (heart, leaf, star, triangle), sizes, and materials for soap boxes. 

  • We have traditional tub shape soap boxes for easy adjustment of the medium size soap.
  • We have an oval-shaped soap box that is typically taller and wide, which is perfect for storing a smaller size soap and is also easier to stack. 
  • We have rectangular shape boxes that are ideal for storing a larger bar of soap.
  • Besides traditional, we also have bomb-shaped, die-cut and flip or sleeve boxes with the proper printing of your brand or soap name.

Moreover, you can see that there are multiple shapes to choose from, and the best option depends on your personal needs. If you want to make custom soap boxes that will have specific shape and can adjust your soap bar, then contact our team.

Our Team!

Ben packaging has the experience crew with the knowledge of material, printing technique, and fastening trick. We have a team who has the artistic mind and skills to prepare the boxes that match the customer’s needs. Whenever we start work on any order, our team gets together and overviews the whole procedure to avoid any missing or mishaps in the way of creation and completion of the box design.

 Whether you want the 50 boxes or 1000, we make sure to make them and deliver them to you within 5-6 working days to save you from a delay. Call us and get any size and quantity of boxes at your doorstep.

Unique Storage Boxes To Fulfil Your Needs:

The storage of soap and retaining its scents require an appropriate package box. With Ben Packaging Custom soap boxes, there will be no problem of drying out and becoming useless. We use quality and durable material in our boxes which makes it easy to store the soap, preserve its integrity and make it last long enough for you to use it up before it dries out. We also sealed the boxes with perfection to keep the soap cool and moisturized so that your buyer can use it even after days of packaging. However, we ensure that it does not have holes or improper binding to prevent you from any side hassle.

Special Thing About Us:

  • We have lightweight custom bath boxes that can give your soap an appealing outlook and perfect storage space.
  • We have boxes that are separated by air pockets to accommodate the number of tiny bar soaps.
  • We have better, durable boxes that don’t absorb water or air and exhibit longer storage life. 

Customised Soap Box Design:

At Ben Packaging, we use different types of material in the process of creating soap box designs. We create biodegradable, eco-friendly and recycled custom soap boxes that can compost again when no longer in use. 

  • We have durable e-flute corrugated, cardstock, bux board or biodegradeable paper boxes of wide dimensions and size options. 
  • We laminate it with the gloss AQ, gloss UV, spot UV or the embossing and foiling finishing options.


Say Goodbye To Boring Soap Boxes!

With our custom soap boxes, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, with cutout slots for logos and gift cards to show off that perfect design. We are not just skilled at creating packaging materials, and we excel at adding the right impact to your brand or product.

Your brand will be able to shine through with our custom packaging and cutout slots. Everything we do is about it, and it’s what makes us special and passionate. 

Let us help you create the perfect presentation piece for your business. Take advantage of our packaging materials and contact us today!

 Choose Wisely For Your Storage And Design Needs:

When it comes to storage and design needs, consider your options carefully. It can be hard when there are so many options available for custom soap boxes, and it isn’t easy to know what’s best for your needs. Your best bet for making the right storage and design choice is to take a few measures that include:

  1. When choosing a soap box, think about how much space it will take up in your bathroom and what features it has that might be useful for your needs. For example, consider a soap tray instead of a soap box for a smaller bar.
  2. Also, take into account each option’s design and color options. For example, if you want something that will go well in the bathroom, consider the colors and designs offered by each option and what would look good on the bath shelf.

Why Ben Soap Boxes?


We have a lot of different soap boxes available that are perfect for almost any design. Here you can find handmade, medicated or kraft soap boxes that look classic or rustic, and soap sleeve boxes that are a great option if you want something traditional but sturdy. Alternatively, there are more modern options like die-cut boxes, CBD bath bomb boxes, and custom gift soap boxes.

Outclass Printing:

At Ben, we use vibrant and classic colors to make the soap package outclass and unique. We create intricate designs, use stylish and easy-to-read fonts, emboss or stamp the perfect size logo, add waterproof label stocks and much more. Furthermore, we use metalized print or debossing for the mind-blowing visuals.

Quality Boxes:

We have premium quality boxes that are perfectly sealed and have proper shapes. The boxes are waterproof, recyclable and do not make your soap dry or useless. Our custom soap boxes are of the perfect size, cur in the exact shape, polished elegantly, and glued in the exact frame.

Let’s Ben Packaging Help You:

 To customize your soap box design, choose a material that is appropriate for your need or if you find it difficult to select a suitable soap box, then let our care team help you. We help every business, whether a small shop or an eCommerce brand with our custom soap boxes. 

So if you are looking to change your soap packaging or are new in the soap-making industry, then we recommend you test our boxes. Our expert designers craft the labels or implant the logo perfectly to complement your message or brand’s motto. Also, we ensure to make the boxes that make your brand visible in the market with unique packaging. 

Get The Perfect Box Now!

You have spent hours selecting the perfect soapbox and invested much in the project. And what you got is just trash? Or get a torn-up box?

Why not trust in the strength of Ben Custom soap Boxes?

We are here to stop your frustration by giving you the perfectly designed box that ensures to transport your soap in the perfect condition. We have a box that can save your product from weather harm or transporting hassles. We ensure to give the perfect box that can present your brand to your customer in a decent way.

So order your product today, and we will make sure it’s delivered to you quickly, without any damage.