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Custom Cosmetics Boxes

Discover the Signature Designed Custom Cosmetic Boxes!

The perfect fitting of the item (serums, blush-on, perfumes etc.). The resistance to temperature and humidity. Or the easy opening of boxes is something that you want for your custom box?

Whatever it is! There are a lot of peculiarities, size specifications, binding process, material quality and other matrices required to make perfect custom cosmetic boxes

 That’s why Ben packaging comes up with novice and stylish, durable boxes that will definitely fulfil your need of saving items and attract customers with the layout. This way, we can help you transform your non-attractive box into a dazzling shape. And place your item into a safe container. 

With us, you can get different font sizes, text style variety, logo colours, various printing methods, and a white or black coloured basic box of your own demand. And we also have the one that suits your product theme. 

So, let our custom packaging box save your beauty products.

Top-Tier Features Of Our Boxes That Make Us Unique:

Eco-Friendly Boxes:

Do you know why your nail polish gets thick in the box, or the serums bottle gets half or empty? The fact is that the items were not in eco-friendly boxes. They are in boxes that can only fit or accommodate them and nothing else. 

This is where we develop the perfect material custom cosmetic boxes that can bear the heat and temperature pressure, moisture and many other weather elements. It helps keep your cosmetics in the box safe or not let the hyaluronic acid get oxidised.

Perfect Sizing Boxes:

Do you know why the perfume bottle does not fit in the packaging box? Because you have the kid-one size in your hand. It means you must figure out the custom box that fits your accessories. Not just pick randomly. 

From the dimensions and size specifications to the right adjustment and fastening, we understand all. Ben Packaging has the perfect size boxes for your perfume bottle, soap, lipstick or creams. Apart from this, we also have different shape patterns and designs for the custom cosmetic boxes to give you options. 

Design Variety:

Do you love to add subtle elements of colours and use pastels in the boxes? Well, Ben Packaging is the perfect spot where you can get your brand logo on your packaging box. We have custom jewellery boxes, die-cut boxes, custom make-up boxes and much more.


We can use the embossing technique or foil stamping method to imprint the name or elegant text on your box. So, all types of boxes are available to give your accessories room.

Our Focus On Designing Cosmetic Boxes:

Minimal Artwork:

When it comes to custom cosmetic boxes, most businesses think heavy designs or intermingled patterns will make them more attractive to customers. However, it’s an inappropriate approach in the cosmetic industry. 

A box with a simple design, a single flower imprinting, or just a logo stamp with low-tone soft colours is more than awesome to pull the audience towards your box. That’s why we focus on the minimal artwork feature during the creation of boxes.

Custom Sleeves:

What if your box is not opening and causing your finger to get stuck in the box? This is why Ben packaging pays attention to such minor details for easy use of boxes. We add the slider sleeves to the boxes to:

  1. Give it a luxurious feel.
  2. Boost the customer unboxing experience.
  3. Prevent the box from tearing and becoming useless.

Add Windows To Boxes:

To make your beauty valuables more reliable and to let the people peek into the box, we induce windows into it (For the customers who depend on our choice and suggestions). With the use of our die-cut technology, we make a little window on the front of boxes or any other side. This transparent window will show your brand transparency to the customers and make you authentic. 

Adds-on Inserts:

We insert cushion padding or tissue papers in the boxes to give your packed blush-on or make-up kit a soft touch. It will definitely save your accessories and make your box durable also. These inserts will not cause your box shape to change. We use thin and quality material for the inserts to make them valuable. 

Ben Packaging: Printing Techniques!

Artwork or printing on custom cosmetic boxes is the one thing that can pop up your box styles. So to do wonders with the box, we go digital and consider printing novelty. We use flexographic printing to imprint the graphics on the boxes quickly. With this technique, the design stamp on the box has high-value visuals and a perfect depiction of your brand theme. Also, it can bring:

  • Colour accuracy.
  • Beautiful outlook to appeal to the customers.
  • Design complicated artwork with perfection.

Apart from the above method, we also have the UV spot printing technique for cosmetic boxes. As it not only imprints the design on the box but also saves it from fading or getting out-of-order on sun contact. We also use screen printing or offset printing methods. 

But most importantly, we select the technique according to customer’s demand, or if it is on us, then we go for the quality and low-price method.

Make Your Packing Bomb-Ass: 

Do you want to attract customers with the eye-catchy pastels and colour themes of the custom cosmetic boxes? If yes, then it is the place where we can give you the perfect and outstanding boxes. Here we focus on every tid-bid of boxes, including size proportions, fixing or fastening details, material quality, coating texture and other matrices.

So with us, you will not have to worry about saving your accessories from leaking, oxidising, or any other issue. Send your details, and the box will appear at your location in 4-5 business days!


Perks Of Our Cosmetic Boxes:Durable and perfectly sized box according to the product.

  • Variable Shapes and patterns of boxes.
  • Eco-friendly custom boxes.
  • Colours and artwork variety.
  • Perfect scouring and fastening.
  • Flexible boxes with enough room to accommodate your items.
  • Quantity options are available.
  • End-time changes are acceptable.
  • Affordable pricing with no surprise charges demand.



Inspiring Packaging Boxes Variety For You:

With the help of Ben Packaging, get the custom cosmetic boxes that will speak for your product with its outlook. Here we come with variety. Have a glimpse of it.


Creative Options:

We have the traditional boxes to pack your brand’s serum or any other item accurately and efficiently. To make it outstanding, we go for the intricate lines pattern that includes a lot of details while keeping it simple and elegant. We also offer hand-made drawings on cosmetic boxes because they go well with cosmetic packaging. 

Apart from this, we also go for adding some images of product ingredients to make it attractive to the customers. And to induce an interesting twist, we use some subtle designs and pop-up touches or go for a classic monochrome design. It will help us to take your box to the next level and give it a timeless outlook.


Eye-Catchy Custom Fonts:

Typography on the boxes is the most promising feature in our custom cosmetic boxes that compel the brain-deciding cells to pick your box and buy it. We use custom font styles to write text on the box that is visible and appealing. That’s why Ben Packaging boxes are getting appreciation because of the variety of fonts they have. 

Also, we guarantee you our font styles will stick to the reader’s mind because of the following 3 diamonds:

  • Our Fonts have a retro vibe.
  • Give the text a bold statement styling.
  • Have a quirky flair to move eyes back to it.


Unique Packaging Patterns:

Every brand opts for different shapes for its make-up products. Some go for a cube box to fit the sunscreen, while others go for the elongated cylinder box option. This makes our mind to bring pattern options to facilitate every shape and size product.

Our pandora box opens with bold patterns, including irregular-shaped boxes, pillow-shaped boxes, square boxes with windows, or rectangular boxes. So if you want certain edge packaging patterns, then we have them for you!

Some Touch-Up Options:

To give your custom cosmetic boxes some extra pop-up style, we go for floral illustrations (if needed or according to product) of earthy and natural hues. Apart from this, in some boxes (according to product theme), we love to add pastels touch because it will give the packaging a modern and professional look. And it also approves to be more appealing to the customers.

 Give Your Order And See What Happens:

If you are looking for a custom cosmetic box option, select your desired packaging style, colours, fonts, patterns, graphics, or additional images. Send all this information to us and get the perfect custom cosmetic boxes. Nonetheless, if you haven’t settled on the colour or box pattern, then no worries. Ben Packaging is here for you to take into account every detail that suits your product and brand themes.